VoxDev brand and website

VoxDev is a new initiative, launched mid-2017, which aims to bring cutting-edge economic research to the forefront of policymaking in developing countries. It was founded in collaboration between the Centre for Economic Policy Research, the International Growth Centre and the Private Enterprise Development in Low Income Countries programme.

Soapbox designed their launch website: a platform for VoxDev’s latest news and views on economic issues in developing countries with short, engaging articles and videos. This first involved developing a brand and visual identity for VoxDev to launch with, as well as constructing a site design that would meet the needs of the diverse range of audiences who would be accessing the site.

VoxDev’s brand identity was developed to harmonise with their core values: serious frontier research and accessible content. Modern yet authoritative text was combined with an effective, bold colour palette to showcase VoxDev as an organisation that is both serious and engaging. To complement this, and to keep visitors visually engaged with the available content, articles are featured as panels with a strong focus on photography that draws the eye of the reader.

To maximise the accessibility of the website for visitors, one of VoxDev’s core aims, we delivered a prominent theme-based navigation system that allows the user to easily tailor the available content to their own interests. This lets users get right to the heart of the content of most interest to them in a simple and effective manner.