LSE – Urban Age website

Urban Age is a pioneering project investigating the spatial, social, economic and political dynamics of cities across the world. The project collates comparative data on a network of global cities to explore the future of urbanisation through a series of visual projections.

Urban Age is jointly organised by LSE Cities, a centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society, a forum promoting the exchange of ideas and exploration of key issues in the world today.

Soapbox was tasked with establishing a visual identity for the programme to enable a website launch ahead of Urban Age’s ten year anniversary. As a digital-first project, we decided to build a bespoke CMS to cater for the wealth of reports, videos and comparative data that would need to be hosted on the site. The modular content system allows content to be discovered, compared and shared through clear, coherent signposting and a powerful search interface.

Impactful imagery and bold typography were employed to tie together the branding and to reflect Urban Age’s focus on visual presentation. The scrolling homepage presents the project’s story so far and the transition into the next decade.