Unicef 70th anniversary report

UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child, to improve the lives of children and of their families. To celebrate their 70th birthday they asked us to create and design a book celebrating their rich history.

The book we designed brought together case studies, photography and simple timeline graphics to demonstrate the story of the organisation as well as its successes and milestones throughout the years. The book was an eye-catching square format, and produced in French, Spanish and English language editions, all of which we typeset. The publication made bold use of photography, with each chapter opening with a full-colour photograph presented over a two page spread.

Soapbox worked within UNICEF’s brand guidelines, and also took these in slightly new directions, liaising closely with the UNICEF team to create a bespoke, special-edition publication which was visually distinct from their day-to-day reports.