UNA-UK magazine redesign

The United Nations Association – UK (UNA-UK) is a national grassroots organisation of over 20,000 members and the leading independent policy authority on the UN in the UK. Soapbox have a long-established relationship with UNA-UK, and for many years we have worked on their New World magazine.

After redesigning New World in 2011, UNA-UK asked us again in 2017 to give the magazine a new look to fit with its rebranding as UNA-UK Magazine. The design was refreshed from the open and approachable older iteration to a more serious, journalistic and impactful style, with a toned-down colour palette of black, white and vibrant red. A strong, condensed headline font gives a strong “call to action” feel, whilst the retention of the Baskerville font in the main text gives a sense of continuity. The magazine also uses impactful photography, rather than overly verbose writing, to strongly convey its messages, in addition to stand-out pages of pure, minimal typographic designs.

We also act as copyeditors for UNA-UK Magazine, taking in drafts of articles, editing and proofreading them before laying out each issue of the magazine itself.