The Early Intervention Foundation’s Guidebook

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) is one of the UK Government’s ‘What Works Centres’. They are dedicated to improving the way organisations create, share and use high quality evidence to implement more efficient and innovative services across the public sector. The EIF is particularly interested in how this approach can effectively address the social problems affecting young people and their families early on – that is, before these problems become entrenched and thus very difficult to remedy.

As part of this work, EIF researchers conducted a detailed review of the available evidence from early intervention programmes that have been shown to have had a positive impact across a range of problem areas, from missing school to substance abuse. To make the best use of this research, Soapbox was asked to design and develop an EIF Guidebook: an online resource aimed at local services commissioners and practitioners who want to draw on this body of research to help inform their own approaches to early intervention programmes.

One of the key priorities for the Guidebook was that it should be easily accessible, allowing users to quickly find, review and share the programmes that are most relevant to them. The stripped-backed design we developed focuses the user’s attention on the information that matters most – the focal problem areas and the age groups targeted, as well as any evidence of the effectiveness achieved by each programme. With the EIF’s focus on sharing and practically using data in mind, we also created a new functionality for this site that allows users who want to review a programme in more detail to download a PDF version of the relevant information. This function uses bespoke style sheets to automatically generate a professional-looking, print-friendly document from a web page without the need for human intervention.