The British Academy’s Resilient Cities films

The British Academy is the UK’s national body for the humanities and social sciences. The Academy’s Urban Futures programme explores the potential of nature, urban design and infrastructures in improving sustainability and social cohesion in cities for a more harmonious future.

After filming three of the Urban Futures workshops, Soapbox were asked to construct a series of short films to summarise the issues discussed in each, as well as exploring the most pressing issues overall in more detail. Taking advantage of the high-level participants who were all in London for a brief time, we were able to highlight the important work the Academy’s programme continues to do around urban sustainability and cities.

In the first film, we interviewed a range of academics and practitioners over a two-day period to build up a holistic story of what makes a resilient city, using beautiful imagery to compliment and highlight key discussion points.

In the second film, we asked three of the prominent academics who attended the workshops to discuss their views on ‘habitat’ and how it interacts with living in ‘plural cities’. By hosting a discussion airing all their views together, we were able to capture interesting and parallel thoughts.

Watch this space for the final film…