TeachFirst Impact report

Teach First are a charity working for equality of education in England and Wales. They challenge the fact that a child’s socio‑economic background is the biggest determining factor in their chances of fulfilling their potential. Teach First work to change this by working in partnership with thousands of schools, businesses, universities and other not-for-profit organisations.

For their 15th anniversary they commissioned Soapbox to create a compelling and dynamic impact report to replace their annual report. Teach First needed a publication which would demonstrate their impact clearly, to both funders and policy makers, using data and research statistics as well as bold photography.

Soapbox also set out the printed report into a clear, elegant online output to maximise its accessibility and reach. To create a campaign library of materials, Soapbox also assisted in selecting highlights from the report and creating infographics and charts. To maximise impact we output these assets as Twitter and Facebook cards so that they could be shared widely and organically on social media.

Teach First’s impact report (PDF)