Adaptable and accessible visual branding for Teach First

Teach First are a charity working for equality of education in England and Wales. They challenge the fact that a child’s socio‑economic background is the biggest determining factor in their chances of fulfilling their potential. Teach First work to change this by working in partnership with thousands of schools, businesses, universities and other not-for-profit organisations.

For their 15th anniversary in 2017, Teach First asked us to develop the basics of their new brand further, consolidating the strongest, most impactful elements of their visual identity so that their outputs were universally consistent. The core of this work was developing new graphic devices and a diverse, adaptable illustrative library of icons and characters, as well as developing template styles for their publications and data visualisations.

We first created a unified and cohesive set of guidelines to span both Teach First’s web presence and print publications, as well as an adaptable illustrative style. We put these elements into practice and developed a printed report template and an extensive icon library. A particular highlight of this work were the character sets we created – adaptable and diverse models that could be used in isolation or as part of larger illustrations to create a wide range of illustrated people – including students and educators.