Strengthening data sharing – Chatham House

There is an increasing need amongst researchers, policy makers and funding bodies for timely access to the latest public health data – data that builds and improves on our understanding of the health issues currently affecting our wider population. Chatham House’s new project ‘A Guide to Sharing the Data and Benefits of Public Health Surveillance’ aims to help create the right environment for sharing this public health data by providing best practice guidance and advice on common sharing concerns.

Soapbox developed the project’s microsite as a hub of reference for the Guide’s core principles and shareable resources. The site targets governments, global agencies and non-state actors – essentially data producers, data users and those who want to share public health data.

The microsite is responsive, easily navigable and highly informative. It was designed to be user-friendly and uncluttered, so that site visitors can easily find and access their pages of interest. The user can also declare their sector and their connection to using public health data, and then are seamlessly directed to a set of bespoke guidelines based on their profile and preferences, allowing the site to be uniquely tailored to each user’s focus.