Stonewall – Top 100 Employers report

Stonewall is a campaigning and lobbying organisation for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. Their Workplace Equality Index is an evidence-based benchmarking tool used by employers to assess their achievements and progress on LGBT equality in the workplace.

Each year, employers who take part in the Index must demonstrate their expertise in 10 distinct areas of employment policy and practice, and the ‘Top 100 Employers’ report is produced from these findings. The report also includes the annual awards, recognising outstanding individual and group contributions to improving equality.

Soapbox designed a new look for the report in 2014. We designed custom graphics and patterns to highlight sections of the report and used beautiful metallic inks to add a celebratory feel to the overall design.

We will typeset three iterations of the report using the template we created, before the criteria for the Index changes (as it does every three years) and a new template is required.