ALNAP – The State of the Humanitarian System interactive summary

ALNAP – the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action – is a forum and network dedicated to improving the performance of humanitarian action.

Every three years ALNAP assesses the progress of the sector in its flagship State of the Humanitarian System report. In addition to designing and producing the printed publication, Soapbox also created an interactive online summary to highlight the key findings.

The online report takes the publication design as its starting point, using bold colours, images and typography to create headline messages. Powerful photography, animated graphics and interactive data visualisations solidify the most important points by creating a story for the reader to follow, which helps to drive home the key messages.

A sticky menu anchors the reader within the story allowing them to navigate through the key messages with ease. Clearly labelled download buttons means users can access and download research most relevant to them at a click of a button.

The responsive design allows readers to view and interact with the story from any device.