Shaping society: Q-Step undergraduate prospectus

We can’t change the world if we don’t understand why it is the way it is. That’s a core value of Q-Step: a new initiative designed to tackle the shortage of quantitatively-trained social science graduates in the UK. Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council and the Higher Education Funding Council for England, Q-Step funds 18 universities across the UK to deliver specialist data-led social science undergraduate programmes.

Soapbox were asked to design and produce a prospectus for Q-Step to be handed out to students who are considering a degree in social sciences. The design needed to be enticing and evoke excitement for prospective students, whilst also being easy to read and navigate.

Our final design centred around the Q-Step brand guidelines, but introduced a bold yellow highlight to create contrast and a sense of excitement. A binding cloth strip on the spine was used to further enhance the visual appeal, and made the prospectus both tactile and eye catching. Each of the 18 partner universities was given a feature section to showcase their unique learning environment and Q-Step-associated courses, with photography from each university campus incorporated. These images were complemented with use of the bold highlight colour and strong typography to create a striking look and feel. Each university’s section also featured endorsements from those involved in Q-Step courses, from students to business partners, providing a personal insight for prospective students. We tied the prospectus together with a map-focused table of contents, highlighting the country-wide reach of the Q-Step programme.