Paul Hamlyn Foundation website

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) is one of the largest grant-making foundations in the UK, helping people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. Each year the foundation disseminates £20m in funding to organisations working with young people and the arts in the UK and India.

The PHF’s website – redesigned and rebuilt by Soapbox – was launched in June 2015 alongside the foundation’s new organisational strategy, which reflects an increased emphasis on impact, evidence and learning, and sharing and openness.

A key part of our work on this project was a programme of user engagement aimed at discovering how PHF staff and grant seekers would like to see the site develop. Guided by our findings, we simplified the site structure with the aim of making it easier to get an overview of the foundation’s activity, to search through its available grants programmes, and to discover key details of successful projects that the PHF has funded.

We also introduced a more vibrant, image-led visual design with full responsiveness, so visitors can easily access all the site’s content, regardless of the size of the screen they are using to view it.

In addition, the site includes a version of Soapbox’s online reader interface. This helps to unlock the PHF’s publications library by allowing users to find relevant chapters and sections within reports, without having to download and trawl through PDF documents.

Choir image, credit: Sing Up