Nuffield Trust’s audience-focused website

The Nuffield Trust is an independent think tank dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in the UK. It provides evidence-based research and policy analysis to inform and generate debate. Driven by their new content strategy, aiming to reach healthcare practitioners as well as a policy audience, the Trust wanted to change the way their communications were structured to offer digital content in smaller units that could be shared more impactfully.

In line with this strategy, Soapbox delivered a new modular website for the Trust which takes digital-first shareability to heart. Each piece of content, whether it be a chart, data visualisation or blog, is produced as a single building block. Content blocks can be structured and combined to create meaningful, content-led pages.

To make more of the Trust’s data, we also created an interactive chart builder using Highcharts. This allows all charts to be quickly and efficiently produced as live, embeddable and easily shareable visualisations. With Soapbox having already created the Trust’s new visual identity and brand guidelines, we then designed a selection of charts using their data. This highlighted the Trust’s research whilst showing the application of this new brand identity and ensuring the data were visually accessible for site visitors.