National Housing Federation: Working together for great homes animation

The National Housing Federation is the voice of affordable housing in England, representing the work of housing associations and campaigning for better quality housing. They have three priorities to end the UK housing crisis: building new, affordable homes; promoting out-of-hospital, in-home healthcare; and pushing for longer-term tenancies for renting families. With these priorities, the National Housing Federation aims to build strong, vibrant communities where everyone has a home at a price they can afford.

Soapbox was commissioned to turn these three priorities into a snappy animation – one optimised for the National Housing Federation’s social media campaign. The video we designed featured clean, impactful illustrations based on the campaign’s brand guidelines, with Soapbox’s designers and script writers working closely with the National Housing Federation to determine the look and tone of the final animation. The video was also concise and worked both with audio and without. This format is ideal for gaining and retaining a social media audience’s attention, and allows for core messages to be clearly communicated across various digital platforms – particularly on mobile.