Mental health and wellbeing in England: a survey by NatCen for NHS digital

Data is hugely important: it informs our knowledge, advises our clients’ policy recommendations and can sometimes even surprise us. Such was the case when we worked with NatCen on their septennial mental health report: their data were eye-opening and shone a much-needed light on the state of the UK’s mental health.

NatCen is the UK’s leading centre for independent social research. They use robust and innovative research methods to advise government and charities on how they should react to today’s social issues, including health, education, crime and much more. Their Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey is produced for NHS Digital in partnership with the University of Leicester, and tracks the prevalence of mental illness in the UK population as well as trends in treatment and service use within the NHS. The English section of the survey is the longest-running consistent and rigorous national mental health assessment in the world.

For this project Soapbox worked directly with the survey’s researchers, allowing us real deep insight into the report’s data. It was then all the more rewarding to see the high level of impact the report had in promoting awareness of the country’s growing mental health crisis. We not only typeset the 400 page report, but also produced a range of illustrative charts highlighting particular key data trends and points.