IRC Safe Healing and Learning Spaces toolkit

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global NGO that offers aid to refugees and other people displaced by war, persecution or natural disasters.

Soapbox designed and typeset IRC’s Safe Healing and Learning Space (SHLS) toolkit – a large suite of downloadable resources to support child protection and education practitioners in running an SHLS programme in their own setting. A large part of the toolkit was also translated and typeset into French.

Designed with a focus on accessibility, the toolkit groups subject areas with clear colour-coding, and uses clear typography and strong, simple iconography to make navigation simple and intuitive. We also provided editorial support throughout the process, helping ensure that the large amount of content was accurate and consistent.

We designed and built the accompanying website – which uses the same visual cues and colour-coding as the toolkit itself – to be accessible to users in low-bandwidth settings.