Information architecture – and a refresh – for IPPR’s website

The IPPR is the UK’s leading progressive think tank. Their mission is to open up opportunity, power and prosperity to everyone, by conducting rigorous research and generating big ideas.

We had previously rebuilt the organisation’s website in 2014, in line with their visual identity and organisational priorities at that time. Following the 2015 general election and the appointment of a new director, IPPR commissioned a rebrand and strategy review. We were appointed to apply the new visual identity to the website front-end, and to make updates to the content structure and templates, in line with an updated digital communications strategy.

We approached this work in much the same way as we would a more substantive website rebuild, agreeing a strategic brief for the work and carrying out user research before refreshing the sitemap and wireframing the new and updated front-end templates. We then worked with IPPR to apply the new visual identity to the template designs.