IISD – Migration and Conservation Toolkit

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental research organization, which seeks to promote human development and environmental sustainability. The ‘Migration and Conservation Toolkit’ was developed to help conservation practitioners in the field to understand and assess the impacts of human migration on critical ecosystems, and then use that assessment to better protect those ecosystems.

The priority in designing this substantial document was that it should be legible and clear. The single-column format keeps the content uncluttered and engaging, and use of chapter dividers and IISD’s own photography allow for breathing room in the layout. Use of colour-coded sections and theme icons helps to create a clear structure throughout the toolkit.

As the toolkit will be used mostly as an interactive PDF, we designed quick and intuitive navigation options within the file, including a ‘hover’ menu. We also optimised the design for use in the field, to be legible on small screens, and when printed at low quality.

The printed copies were wiro-bound, so that the document lays flat and can more easily be used for note-taking or study.