IfG Ministers Reflect – website and branding

The Institute for Government (IfG) is an independent charity, dedicated to making government more effective. Promoting effective political leadership is an important part of that mission. To that end, IfG established Ministers Reflect, a unique archive of interviews with former government ministers. It is designed to record – in their own words – what it takes to be an effective minister, the challenges ministers face, and what more can be done to support ministers in driving forward their policy objectives.

Soapbox designed the Ministers Reflect microsite, to display the complete archive of these transcribed interviews. Relatively few online text archives are attractive and user-friendly, so we saw this as an opportunity to produce something truly innovative. We used digital typography, optimised for long-format reading, as well as extract quotes and balanced colours to create a sense of space in the text-heavy pages, and improve the on-screen reading experience. Our fully-responsive design means this reading experience translates perfectly across desktop, tablet and phone.

A filter system helps users to search and browse the archive (for example, by government department, by political party, or by keyword), a tool that will become increasingly useful as the collection continues to expand in future.

We also designed a new brand identity for the Ministers Reflect collection, including new publication templates. While unique to the collection, the new designs share a clear visual identity with the wider IfG branding.