Development Initiatives’ P20 animation

Development Initiatives is an international organisation focused on the beneficial role data can have in driving poverty eradication and sustainable development. Their P20 Initiative is a new approach aiming to better document who and where the world’s poorest 20% of people are; for without documentation these people do not officially ‘exist’, and therefore are very difficult to help on a large scale.

Soapbox was commissioned to produce an animation to improve awareness of the P20 Initiative. This animation shows how key types of data can shine a light on the lives of individuals, and how this data can be used to advise and affect policy decisions. To communicate this, we used strong key messages and smart data visualisations to clearly promote Development Initiatives’ core ‘data-first’ message, as well as the scope of their development aims. The design of the animation visually ties into Development Initiatives’ brand, promoting and building on their strong visual language.