Community animation for IFRC

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is the world’s largest humanitarian network. As part of their Zika virus awareness campaign, they wanted to produce an informative animation for at-risk communities, with information on the risks and prevention of Zika.

The challenge presented to Soapbox was to create an engaging and positive animation which would be appealing to communities across Central and South America, whilst also giving practical advice about preventing the further spread of Zika. The video also needed to empower communities to work together to spread awareness of the virus and ways of preventing its spread.

The character design we used in the animation aimed to capture the diversity of the target communities and wide geographic reach of the campaign, but we also chose a light, simplistic style to bring the core themes of community action and co-operation to life. The video’s messages were communicated using clear and straightforward illustrations accompanied by a friendly yet authoritative narrator, promoting a feeling of authority with a compassionate tone.