Chatham House online reader

Chatham House is the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Soapbox built an automated multichannel workflow for the Institute’s busy publishing programme. They needed a solution which allowed them to produce a more digital-first format alongside their PDF production in one simple and easy-to-use workflow – and at no additional cost.

The workflow allows the Chatham House team to take a report laid out in InDesign and export it to a print-ready PDF and an Ebook file. Once the Ebook file has been generated, this can then be converted into an online reader or HTML file at a few clicks of a button.

Designed to fit seamlessly with Chatham House’s website, the online reader makes use of the website’s CMS so that all content is discoverable and can be filtered by key tags and metadata. Its clear structure and simple navigation promises an enjoyable reading experience – even for long reports.