Centre for Cities data tool

Centre for Cities is a non-partisan research institute specialising in urban policy. Their focus on measuring the growth of important urban areas and exploring ways to sustain and improve economic performance led to the development of the Cities Data Tool.

The tool launched in 2015, collating data from the UK’s 64 largest cities and towns. The tool allows users to explore and compare data using a variety of indicators, from mean house price to welfare expenditure. Visualisations generated can be exported as images for printing or sharing on social media, or embedded as fully interactive graphics in a website or blog.

The wealth of data fronted by a user-friendly interface enables the creation of visually appealing and insightful outputs, which can be used to generate data stories. Data from the tool is used in the Centre for Cities flagship annual report, ‘Cities Outlook’. The New Statesman online magazine CityMetric data blog series also uses the tool to generate visualisations and writes accompanying analysis on issues such as the north/south divide in England’s unemployment rate.