Bruegel online reader

Bruegel is a European think tank that specialises in economic policy.

Soapbox was commissioned to create an automated multichannel publishing workflow for Bruegel. They needed a solution which allowed them to produce different formats such as digital PDFs, print ready PDF files, Ebooks (EPUBs) and HTML files in one simple, easy-to-use workflow with no additional costs.

The workflow allows the Bruegel team to lay out a report in InDesign and then export to a print-ready PDF and an Ebook file. Once the Ebook file has been generated, this can then be converted into an online reader or HTML file at a few clicks of a button.

This workflow means savings on costs in creating multiple outputs and can all be done in-house.

With simple and clear internal navigation and collapsable footnotes, the online reader provides a better user experience for reading long reports. Users can easily share chapters and sections through email and social media. And perhaps best of all, the reader content makes use of the Bruegel’s CMS – making it possible to search and filter by key tags and metadata – for a seamless transition between website and reader content.