Berkeley Foundation – Rethinking Homelessness ‘What Works?’ report

Rethinking Homelessness is a collaborative project, supported by the Berkeley Foundation, which provides a platform for charities and public bodies to share ideas and knowledge to tackle homelessness and poor housing. Over the course of three years, the project has addressed issues around prevention, multi-sectoral working and emotional resilience.

The latest report from Rethinking Homelessness, ‘What Works?’, is a collection of three essays on the subject of trust: what is epistemic trust?; a practitioner’s perspective on trust; and the practical implications of focusing on trust.

Our design uses a pared-down aesthetic, allowing bold typography and unusual paper stock to deliver impact. We carefully selected a paper with a slightly ‘rubbery’ feel to create an element of surprise and intrigue when touched. We wanted the feeling of the report to jar the reader, as a tactile reflection of the unexpected, even shocking, subject matter.