Behavioural insights on education from Pearson

Learning with Pearson is powered by technology and innovation. Their 35,000-strong staff provide educational course and assessment materials, and a range of teaching and learning services in 70 countries worldwide. Their work is central to their belief that for every learner, at every stage of their life, education is the path to opportunity and fulfillment.

Soapbox worked with Pearson to design, illustrate and typeset a practical guide on behavioural insights into learning. The guide, for parents, teachers and school leaders, examines how behavioural research, in areas such as behavioural economics, social psychology and anthropology, can be applied to improving learning and attentiveness in young people. The guide uses Pearson’s approachable yet authoritative branding to emphasise the expert advice being offered, and is illustrated throughout to provide context and variety for the reader. With it students should be better supported, motivated and inspired to learn better and fulfil their educational potential.