A refreshed brand for Development Initiatives

Development Initiatives is an international organisation focused on the beneficial role data can have in driving poverty eradication and sustainable development. Going into their 25th year, they needed a refreshed brand to better visually reflect the work they do and values they hold. The new brand needed to bring to life the importance Development Initiatives places on being collaborative, optimistic and transparent, as well as representing their forward-looking, innovative and agile approach to their work.

As Development Initiatives’ data and values focus on people, Soapbox created a rich brand language that shows the importance of data with a more compassionate, human focus. We developed a new logo, visual branding and comprehensive information system, with flexible constituent parts that enables Development Initiatives to easily create consistently branded materials and apply their brand well across social media. We also provided guidelines on textual messages, photography and charts, ensuring that their brand focus is applied across all spheres of Development Initiatives’ communications and publications.