Content strategist

Job posted: 8 January 2020
Closing date for applications: 7 February 2020
Start date: ASAP
Salary: Dependent on experience

About you

You love it when a website’s structure and content just make sense. You have a passion for ethnographic research, analytics, metadata, content and domain models, and workflows. You like talking to people and you know why it matters to separate what they say from what they do. You have Opinions on Brain Traffic’s content strategy quadrant.
You’re excited about working in an international design agency. You want to work with clients who are committed to using their knowledge and ideas to make the world a more peaceful, prosperous, just, sustainable and equitable place. You think that evidence matters when it comes to making public policy, as well as for developing digital content strategies.

Your skills and experience

  • You have a bachelor’s degree and three to five years’ experience in content strategy, marketing, library science, journalism, public relations or an equivalent field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • You have at least one year’s experience of delivering content strategy for websites and other digital platforms.
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of best practices and principles regarding user experience for digital products.
  • Experience working with nonprofits or charities is helpful but not required. Experience working with policy-, science- or other research-focused organisations is especially useful.
  • Knowledge of formal metadata schemas (e.g.,, RDF, OWL, XML) is helpful but not required.
  • Professional experience using web content management systems. Familiarity with Drupal or WordPress is highly desired, but some experience with a web CMS (e.g. Bolt, ExpressionEngine, Craft) is required.

About us

We’re a design and digital communications agency focused on ideas that matter. We work with many of the world’s leading think tanks, charities and research organisations. We have well-established studios in London and Bath in the UK, and a start-up office in Washington, DC.
Each year, we build numerous organisational websites and other digital platforms for our clients, and they look to us to help them rationalise and structure their content, as well as for our UX/UI design and web development expertise. But we’ve got more of this work than our current team can handle.
We are a close-knit, hard-working and ambitious team. We treat our staff well they tend to stay with us, progressing professionally and personally during their employment.

About the role

We’re looking for a midweight strategist to join our content team. As an international agency, we’re happy to accept applications from people who want to work in either our London studio or our Washington, DC office.

You’ll deliver a range of digital content strategy services on behalf of the agency, coordinating closely with colleagues working in design, web development, branding, operations and new business, as well as other members of the content team. Key activities include:

  • engaging closely with clients, their internal stakeholders, their target audiences and their existing content to develop new digital content strategies
  • developing new and updated information architecture and content models for clients’ websites, as well as dissemination plans for other digital channels
  • developing workflow and governance plans for clients
  • monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of content created for clients’ website (including the ways in which this is presented), measured against their strategic goals and key performance indicators

Responsibilities in detail

  • Reviewing existing client documentation and running meetings, workshops, interviews and other types of consultation and engagement with clients to help understand their goals and requirements.
  • Carrying out analytics and site performance reviews.
  • Conducting content inventories and audits to inform and offering recommendations about content improvement and migration.
  • Conducting and overseeing qualitative and quantitative user research.
  • Drafting briefs, generating personas and developing other documentation in discussion with clients, ensuring that these provide clients and third-party service providers with a sound basis for developing digital communications outputs.
  • Developing new and updated content schemas and sitemaps for clients’ websites and working with digital designers as they turn those products into design artefacts and with developers as they construct detailed requirements and functional specifications documentation.
  • Advising clients about improving content for findability and searchability. (Note: This is not an SEO job, but some high-level SEO knowledge is useful.)
  • Mapping and optimising content workflows and governance processes.
  • Working with colleagues to maintain a spirit of creative collaboration across the disciplines working in digital communications and to develop new products and services that the agency can offer its clients.
  • Keeping up with and sharing current trends and innovations in digital content strategy and production, and learning new skills and contributing to new product development.
  • Representing the agency at events, writing blog posts and articles and taking other opportunities to communicate our mission and approach.